Indonesian Cooking Courses

We do also offer – once per month – over the weekend cooking classes for individuals and for groups.

If you are interested you may contact us whenever you like. It will be our pleasure to combine a special menu for you.


The Republic of Indonesia counts over 17‘000 islands and is with around 240 million inhabitants the world’s fourth populous country (as per 2010). As various as the nature, the culture and the people are, is their cuisine. This was influenced over many yours by different religions as well as by different ethnic groups.

Traditionally the Indonesian people are eating with their fingers. The food is served with spoons and nowadays they are also using forks and spoons. To use sticks is not common in Indonesia.

May Mee (noddle dish) and Nasi Goreng (fried rice) are two typically Indonesian dishes which most of you may already heard of or maybe even tasted in the country of origin. The Indonesian people love the variety and that’s why they serve to their basic food rice often four or five smaller dishes as vegetables or fishes – sometimes also meat or poultry. This dishes are all accompanied with hot sauces, peanuts, krupuk or fried scallions because of setting a crispy contrast.

What’s very interesting in the Indonesian Kitchen is, that many dishes can be prepared in advance and that gives you more time to care about your guests which is one of the main issues in this beautiful country.

Therefore: let’s do it together and let us not only stir the cooking spoon together but also to say together “selamat makan” or “en guätä” likewise…

Atin has years of experience in cooking as a teacher.
She will show you how you can cook authentically Indonesian dishes.

We will show you from starters over main courses until desserts what the Indonesian archipelago can offer you in the kitchen. Please take your time and be positively surprised.

Once per month on the last Saturday afternoon from 3 until 6 pm. 

Per person the cocking course costs CHF 125.- incl. the documents to take home.

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Minimum five, maximum twelve people.


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